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Innovative Housing Solutions – Request For Information

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Cal OES is surveying the marketplace for potential vendors that can provide options for innovative housing solutions that could be utilized to support housing needs following the October 2017 California Wildfires disaster. We are inviting creative, forward-thinking Respondents to submit information for innovative housing solutions that deviate from the traditional disaster housing solutions like manufactured housing units (MHUs) and recreational vehicles (RVs). The innovative housing solution should incorporate the following attributes to the highest extent possible:

  • Cost less than an MHU (~$70,000/unit);
  • Take less time to manufacture and install than an MHU (less than 3 months);
  • Allow for scalable production to meet the housing needs;
  • Be multi-hazard resistant to natural disasters;
  • Maximize energy efficiency and reduce harm to the environment;
  • Be viable for long-term occupancy; and
  • Be able to accommodate access and functional needs and/or large families.

Additional Resources

California Chapter of the American Planning Association
The California Chapter of the American Planning Association has launched a program to provide volunteer professional planning assistance to financially constrained municipalities and community groups throughout California and Baja California.  Click here for more information.

Reasonable Modifications Under the Fair Housing Act

Governor’s Office of Planning and Research – General Plan Guidelines: 2017 Update

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Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities

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Governor’s Office of Planning and Research – Technical Advisory CEQA Exemptions for Potential Application in Disaster Recovery Efforts

American Planning Association – Disaster Recovery Resources

APA has long engaged with FEMA, APA chapters, and other partners to be ready to assist when disaster relief and recovery work begins. Planners are invited to use the APA research, education and publication resources below to assist with post-disaster recovery work and future hazard mitigation.

Housing Ideas

Do you have housing ideas? Email us at

County Specific Information: Butte, Lake, Nevada, Mendocino, Napa, Orange, Sonoma, Yuba

Housing Support Plan

The Housing Support Plan was developed as an effort of various agencies supporting long and short term housing for survivors and communities impacted by the wildfires. The Housing Support Plan describes:

  • Housing needs in the affected counties;
  • Short- and long-term housing goals;
  • Complexities and potential exacerbating factors;
  • State and federal programs to support housing rebuilding efforts; and
  • A template for creating a locally-focused disaster housing strategy.

This is a living document. It will continue to be updated based on stakeholder input and as additional information and resources are identified. View Housing Support Plan here.