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Post-Fire Air Monitoring at Santa Rosa Schools
Two air monitoring phases are underway to address concerns related to air quality surrounding Santa Rosa schools.
Find additional air quality resources at Cal EPA and Air Resources Board.

  • Stationary monitors will be positioned at selected schools close to debris sites
  • The monitors will remain until debris removal operations are complete
  • Monitors are being placed out of abundance of caution

Home Site

  • Monitors will be placed on the perimeter of the debris site during cleanup operations.
  • Additional monitors will be placed upwind, downwind, and by sensitive locations near the cleanup site (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Monitors will be placed by sensitive locations along the debris removal trucking routes
  • Monitored as required by OSHA


  • If harmful levels are detected at home sites, schools or by the community air monitors, the information will be reported to the County Public Health Department who will convey that information to the public, homeowners, or school districts as appropriate.

South Coast Air Quality Management Districts

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